Welcome to the website of Oak Mead Photography. My name is Don Godfrey, and I'm based in Suffolk, a few miles out of Bury St Edmunds

I'm not a trained professional photographer - if you haven't spotted that, I'm sure you soon will

I'm simply an enthusiastic amateur, particularly since the advent of digital photography, which (to me) has brought pleasure back into photography

Now retired, I have some time to enjoy going places, meeting people, and taking photographs … and also manipulating images back at the ranch

Currently, this website specialises in two aspects of photography
  • First, photographs of London
  • Second, Ompography - the fun stuff

Copies of images
If you would like copies of images on this website, please send me an email. You can mount or frame them as you wish, or use them in any other way, for your personal use, but the copyright stays with us